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Oh, Canada: Alaskan Highway Safari!

Travels with the Blonde Coyote

When I’m on the road, towing the Teardrop, I always take it slow and steady. I cruise along at 50 mph (or 80 km/hr, since I’m in Canada) and let everybody else fly past me. I see a huge difference in gas consumption between 50 and 60 mph, let alone 70, which seems to be most people’s speed limit through life. Slow down! See more! Save money!

Driving across northwest British Columbia, I’ve been taking it even slower due to all the wildlife I’ve been seeing on the road. My count so far: 8 black bears (!), 5 wild sheep, 3 moose, countless bald eagles and an arctic fox. I hear I’m heading into bison, elk and caribou country so stay tuned for an update!

As expected: Alaskan Highway Safari, Part 2!

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